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My Review of Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

Friday, May 17, 2013

I’ve written several reviews for Amazon.com lately for the many Kindle books I’ve been reading. I received a Kindle as a gift from the hub-dog for Christmas, 2011 after Kennedy was born, and now I’m kind of addicted to finding free Amazon books – and devouring them. I have even received free books from Amazon-published authors in exchange for an ebook review. Crazy little unexpected thing that has happened. Anyway. I’ve been doing a lot of review writing. So the other day I get an email from Amazon asking me if I’d like to review Bloom by Kelle Hampton. Why I haven’t yet done this, I don’t know since it has made it onto my Highly Recommended Books List (an imaginary list in my head,) and I believe Kelle Hampton is a beautiful writer, mother, and crafter. So yes, yes Ms Amazon.com-mega-on-line-store, I’d love to write a review of Bloom.

Kelle came into my life in February, 2012 through a friend when working with Disney. My co-worker raved about this mom-blogger who had this incredible life-changing story. My friend told me that I had to check out her blog. So I did. I was immediately hooked when I read, “I open my closet door and whisper "Wherefore art thou, Spring?" and it answers back in pink and ruffles and floral prints.” Are. You. Kidding. Me? I love. Coincidently, Kelle had a book debuting in early April, 2012, Bloom. Which of course I had to read.


Bloom is a humbling tale of love. This heart-souring memoir describes Hampton’s transition into having a child born with Down syndrome by expressing the moments immediately following baby Nella’s delivery. She writes with passion as she bravely explores her feelings, and sends the reader surfing on a wave of emotions – much like what she herself experienced. Happiness, sadness, and finding love in the unexpected – it’s all in there – along with Hampton’s own stunning photography. The autobiography also recounts her life and supplements her blog, Enjoying the Small Things. For any mama looking for reassurance in her own life, whether she has a child with difficulties or not, I highly recommend this book. Buy one for your sister and BFF too while you’re at it.

I’ll return to my regular happiness hunt down posts next week. Have a great weekend. Oh, P.S. I really miss the five American Sycamore trees from my Alabama home I write about here. Frowny face. Hey, If I’m taking a week off from a happiness hunt down I might as well get a frowny out of my system.

Erin Bettis

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