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Friday, May 24, 2013

I recently came across a quote that read, “motivation takes inspiration or desperation.” Our move from Fort Benning, GA to Fort Bliss, TX has halted many of my creative conquests. I mean, my Pinterest has blown up with ideas for our new home, but I haven’t had a morsel of inspiration to write or photograph for a month. What’s even more pathetic, I haven’t found the motivation to play creatively with the girls (art projects, etc.) – let alone photograph them. I suppose I should give myself a break since we have had a lot going on, but it’s been bumming me out. Majorly. I keep feeling off kilter because of it all. I have had no cool writing ideas and no cool photos to pair them with.

Then, at exactly 4:17pm this evening Brandon told me that he was headed out to a movie. Desperation began to pool inside. It’s Friday night and I’m home alone with the girls. Normally it would be no big deal, but since we’ve moved into the new home, they too have been off kilter. You know the saying, “out of sight out of mind”? Yeah, well, that’s them with their toys. We created a play room in the upstairs loft, but all they want to do is hang with us boring parents. We keep telling them to go play upstairs with all of their cool things, but it doesn’t work that way I guess. And so they terrorize the house – and us. Desperation was soon overflowing. I had to focus them on an activity – fast.

I decided on a movie and popcorn night because that combo never fails. We watched The Velveteen Rabbit. The Easter Bunny stuffed that little gem of a book in Whitney’s Easter basket two years ago and it’s become a favorite. She was excited to watch the movie for the first time. We quickly got into pajamas, snatched Minnie and Teddy Bear from cozy covers, and nestled into our big, grey family blanket on the couch. We attempted a fort, but the girls soon terrorized it and it fell to pieces. But, it was a successful night nonetheless. I got inspiration to write and snapped some nice shots of the girls, too.










I’m having a ton of design inspiration for our new home. We’re renting, but that doesn’t stop me from making it feel like ours. The couch you see in the above photos will soon have a beautiful blue and white Moroccan Trellis rug, and I will be making new, colorful slip covers for the throw pillows. The family room will have a ‘Modern Americana’ look when it is finished. I am still working on the kitchen, but that is almost complete. Of course I’ll post photos and tips of all DIY projects. Here is my inspiration photo of blogger Jackie’s family room from Teal and Lime, which also happened to be featured this month over at 6th Street Design School.

Jackies Family Room Overhead

My weekend began and will end with this colorful inspiration, surrounded by my beautiful family. I am open. I am happy.

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