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Enchilada Casserole Recipe (and a visit from a sista-friend)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My mother, Patricia, handed over a recipe to me that’s been in the family for several years. It’s a recipe for enchilada casserole. I whip this dish up when I want to appear much more domesticated than I actually am. It’s very easy to make and is always a hit in our house because we Bettis’ love Mexican food.

30 Minute Enchilada Casserole Printable Recipe

I made this enchilada casserole in less than 30 minutes for one of my longest and dearest friends, Elizabeth, and her family Labor Day weekend. They flew into El Paso from Phoenix to spend the weekend with us. The casserole got thumbs up from around the table, and it was a quick and yummy way to feed seven people (including picky eater Whitney.)


From my family to yours, here is our treasured enchilada casserole printable recipe:

Capture of 30 minute meals _Enchilada Casserole printable recipe


I love how calming it is to have close friends and family around the dinner table with me. I think there’s something intimate about inviting people into your home and sitting down to dinner as one to enjoy food, stories, laughter and memories. I talk a bit about friendship in these pages and it’s important for me to mention it again.

Earlier this year I wrote about creating meaningful relationships and to “go be a sista to someone. Go over to her house unannounced to make sure she’s ok.” While my dear friend didn’t come to my house unannounced (this pregnant woman flew out of state for me… showing up unannounced would be a gamble…), she did come to my house to make sure I am ok.

And the weekend was full of meaningful moments. We spent lazy mornings around the kitchen table sipping coffee, warm afternoons having life talks as our children played, and late evenings snuggled under quilts and blankets watching rated-R movies after the kids were in bed. For years I have dreamt of this life. I got a glimpse.

I hear stories of play-dates and watching cousins grow up together, but I don’t get those experiences as a military spouse – not yet anyway. Being new to my community, I haven’t established play-dates, and all of the girls’ cousins live out of state. We simply don’t experience the warmth of family and friendship as if we lived near those who are close to us. As the girls grow, I’m becoming aware of how crucial it is to “go there – literally.” Sista-friend came to visit me. I treasured every moment.

Some of my favorite Labor Day weekend moments:








  1. Awe, I was gettin a little teary eyed on that one! We cherished every minute we spent there as well. We loved hanging out with you guys and will be out there for sure again. I agree it is important to do what you can to keep friendships/relationships as close as possible even if you live so far away (closer now :) ).

    By the way, the pics came out great! I love the pic where Aiden and Kennedy look like they are holding hands. So cute! Thanks for posting bestie!

  2. Oh and the enchilada casserole was bomb diggity! Aiden gobbled it up as did John and I so we are definitely going to have to make it at our house!

    1. E,

      Glad you liked the dinner. It was so super fast to make. Thanks for helping out in the kitchen that day.

      - EB

  3. Loved these pics of your sweet family!!


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