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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I talk a lot about change in these pages. As a military spouse, I often experience a change in location and that forces a change in routine and in friendships. Something I haven’t written much about is the internal change that occurs because of the external changes. I often slip into day dreams of the past and recall the type of woman I was ten years ago before my husband entered my life. I took a lot for granted. Things like having my family around, for instance, or how I treated people back then were different. Like the mature leaves falling from a deciduous tree, military life has given me the opportunity to shed the negativity and narrow-mindedness of my youth. I have grown a new branch of maturity. I am still Erin, but my tree of life has grown anew. I’ve changed.

Many women see a noticeable internal shift at some point. Whether it’s due to a marriage, a divorce, a death, a birth, health problems – whatever – chances are at some point you have reprioritized and refocused on what really matters in life because of self evolution.

I wear this delicate yet simple leaf necklace to symbolize the changes that often occur, both externally and internally. For me, wearing my Ivie Necklace reminds me of the women who have walked in and out of my life. There have been times when I have had to actually morn the loss of a friendship due to this military lifestyle, and this necklace symbolizes a personal re-centering and a growth so significant that it alters the way I look at myself and at the world.

Even though life gets hectic and I often feel lost without the dear friendships of my past, I am still Erin. I am strong like the trunk of a Georgia Sugar Maple and resilient as her bare branches in fall. I can continue to bud new friendships and easily recall the old ones. I am the deciduous tree.

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