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DIY Blog Design Series: How to Make Mobile Users Auto Land on Full Page View

Sunday, October 20, 2013

For a better user experience, you may want to show your desktop web template on mobile devices. The mobile view is a shrunk-down version of your site that is typically easier to read and navigate. The full page view is what you see when you view a web page on a desktop or laptop.

There are certainly pros and cons for changing the page view setting for mobile users. I have found that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For instance, when a mobile user views my page in mobile view, they are not able to see my right sidebar which contains valuable resources. Many blogs today often store their social media links, email subscription entry, affiliate links and other useful information in the sidebar of the webpage. In mobile view, none of that information is visible unless the user chooses to click the “view full site” link often located at the very bottom of the page. Depending on your website’s genre, you may have only one shot to keep a reader/viewer. Having mobile reads auto land on the full view gives them a better understanding of you and what the website is about, provides social media links and exposes readers to other information on your site that you may want them to see (such as an Etsy store button or a link to another blog you write for.)

This straight forward tutorial is going to demonstrate how to easily change your Blogger setting from mobile view to full page view.

DIY Blog Design Series How to make mobile readers land on your full page web view instead of the mobile view
Step One
In Blogger, click Template.


Step Two
Under the Mobile image, click the gear symbol.


Step Three
Click the No button and Save.


Viola. Your mobile view is now disabled and all visitors to your site, regardless of device, will auto land on your full page view.


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