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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Natalie Jeanne Designs is back this week with the Shelley Ann Necklace. Named after the owner’s mother, this piece fully embodies female strength and beauty in the symbol of a doe. The chain and deer are uniquely crafted out of antique bronze. The secondary charm that accompanies the doe includes a heart and pristine white, ridged bead. This dainty necklace is a special gem for any age.

The Shelley Anne Necklace reminds me of a meaningful tradition I spend with my girls. Brandon was in the field all week due to intense military training. Every time he’s gone, the girls and I do a movie night. We’re big movie nuts, but our girlie date nights-in always seem extra poignant. They may not remember why I carry on the tradition, but I do so because it’s important to make light out of their daddy’s absence.

Their movie of choice? Bambi. Nine times out of ten, it’s Bambi. Sunday night we popped our bag of popcorn, snuggled under handmade quilts and continued our mother/daughter date night - movie night ritual.

Wearing the doe necklace reminds me that I’m their role model and I need to stay strong. I choose to show them emotional strength, independence and family togetherness. To me, the white bead symbolizes safety; the heart symbolizes unconditional love.

What a fun accessory to include in your winter wardrobe. It’s an inexpensive piece that is genuinely timeless.

This holiday season, please join me in supporting small businesses such as Natalie Jeanne Designs to do all or most of your shopping. Now you can get this Shelley Anne Necklace (and anything in Natalie’s shop for that matter) for 20% off right now. Head on over to her shop to scope out the many adorable accessories she hand-crafts. To get the deal, enter the discount code “ERINB20” at checkout.

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