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Accessorizing for Winter with Natalie Jeanne Designs

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We had some brisk weather last weekend. Yes, I just used the word brisk to describe the weather… Carrying on… When we first arrived in early May, there were whispers and nudges that it snows in El Paso. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. First of all, I was completely blindsided about receiving orders to Fort Bliss. (If you missed that post, check it out here.) Then, I get the news that I’m moving to a place that snows?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I remember my eyes bugging out at the thought of living in snow again.

I’m not made for snow, you see. I was born in July in Phoenix, AZ - the land of fried eggs on 120+ degree concrete and where car interiors get so hot that your hands practically melt to the steering wheel vinyl.

We were stationed at Fort Carson, CO for a few years, and I couldn’t wait to leave. It was absolutely gorgeous and I made the very most of my time there because I knew it’s a desired duty station. However, I am just one of those people who doesn’t function in snow and that is why I couldn't wait to drive like hell out of that place. Give me sun and surf any day. Even on Christmas. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... with palm trees and poolside margaritas.

It happened last weekend. We awoke to a beautifully snow-dusted city. And it was beautiful. It was just enough to be all picturesque without the muck of having to slosh through it. And snow-covered cactus? Mind blowing.

Because I didn’t want to believe that snow actually falls in El Paso, I didn’t prepare my children for such inclement weather. The Friday before the storm it was, like, 40 degrees orsomethinglikethat, and I sent Whitney to school in her regular summery slip-on flats. No socks. I didn’t even put her in a coat. She wore an open-front sweater.

Come Sunday morning, the girls wanted to play in our backyard winter wonderland. I threw them outside in tennis shoes and outgrown hats. At one point I looked at Kennedy and thought with bulging, paniky eyes, that jacket is so tight around your middle. CAN YOU BREATHE? Whoops. I think Santa just suddenly scribbled winter coat and galoshes feverishly at the end of their Christmas Wish Lists…


I was all cozy and chic Sunday morning while my kids were improperly clad.

Stocking Stuffer Idea (1 of 6)

I’m kind of in love with my Bright Colored Feather Print infinity scarf. The print is so fun. It brightens the doom and gloom of winter. I paired it with a steal grey double breasted peacoat.

I also adore how easy it is to wear. I love scarves, but I often get hung-up on how to wrap traditional length scarves. The ends are sewn together with an infinity scarf. You simply wrap it around your neck twice. For a mom always rushing to get out the door, this is a quick way to accessorize for winter.

The scarf is hand-sewn by Natalie Hilbert, the owner and designer over at Natalie Jeanne Designs where she creates many accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well as modern infinity scarves.

Here are some of my favorite prints from her shop:

From left to right, Black and Charcoal Plaid Knit Scarf, Grey and White Chevron Knit Scarf, Bird Silhouette Scarf, Navy Blue and White Striped Scarf.

Stocking Stuffer Idea (4 of 6)

This holiday season, please join me in supporting small businesses such as Natalie Jeanne Designs to do your shopping. Now you can get these infinity scarves(and anything in Natalie’s shop for that matter) for 20% off right now. Head on over to her shop to scope out the many adorable accessories she hand-crafts. To get the deal, enter the discount code “ERINB20” at checkout.

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